Minggu, 04 Juli 2010


My Melody was born in the forest of Mari Land on January 18th. My Melody lives with her mother, father, grandmother, and brother, Rhythm. She is honest and good-natured. Her bestfriends, a mouse named Flat.

Deery-Lou the Cheerful Fawn lives happily with his friends in the Rainbow Forest. Deery-Lou spends his time playing in the sun, chasing butterflies and making new friends! When he's really happy he always swings his taill. His birthday is January 8th.

My Melody’s friendly rival is a tomboy who loves making mischief and causing trouble! Although she may look tough, she is actually very girly and is attracted to good-looking guys! Kuromi enjoys writing in her diary and is hooked on romantic short-stories. Her favorite color is black and her favorite food is shallots. Fittingly, her birthday is October 31st.

Altought this little boy cat tends to be a little scatterbrained at times, he's always up on the latest news. He gets his name from his chocolatecolored nose. He has fun playing around his house (the "Choco-choco house") with his friends cookiebau, Nutz, Jellybean, and the Duckies. His birthday is May 10th.

As his April 1st would suggest, Badtz-Maru is one mischievous little penguin. He lives with his mother and pinball-playing father in Gorgeouston. Badts-Maru has a dreams of greatness when he grows up, but for now he rolls his eyes at his humorous life in Gorgeouston.

Hello Kitty was born on November 1st and she lives in London, England with her parents and her twin sister, Mimmy. They have lots of friends at school with whom they share many adventures. As Hello Kitty always says, you can never have too many friends.

Keroppi lives with his brother, sister and parents in a big house on the edge of Donut Pond, the largest and bluest pond around. Keroppi and his friends share his love for baseball and boomerangs. Most often he is seen with his little snail friend Den Den, always tagging along a little behind.

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